Idea 212: Snowman Cards

The children dip their thumbs in white paint to make the body of the snowmen and use their fingertips to do the heads. Once dry, they can use markers to add noses, arms, hats, eyes etc. Having only one paint colour in use and no brushes made this a simple way to make lovely individual cards for the children to take home to their parents.

TIP: Try and schedule things so that there is a break in lessons to give the cards time to dry, for example do the painting before lunch and the drawing after lunch.

I also had the children make an insert to be stuck inside the card, which meant I could have perhaps two-thirds of my children working on the insert while I supervised the other third as they used the paints, then I cycled through to the next group of children.

SECOND TIP: It is worth mentioning to the children that they need to press down firmly and then pull their fingers away from the page when using the paint, otherwise you’ll end up with smudges.

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