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Idea 220: 5 Quick Plenary Ideas For Any Lesson

Below are some simple activities you can use at the end of any lesson as a plenary to check the level of understanding amongst your pupils and to spot any misconceptions that might have otherwise slipped you by. Sentence Summary … Continue reading

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Idea 152: Collaborative Elicitation Activity

I needed to do an elicitation activity in Science recently at the start of a new topic. Previously I’d tried just having the children writing down on a blank piece of paper everything they knew about a topic. I found … Continue reading

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Idea 150: Mid-task Stop and Compare

This is such a simple idea I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before! When doing an extended activity that lasts 20 minutes or more, stop the class halfway through the activity. Have them put down their pencils/pens etc, … Continue reading

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Idea 103: Teaching Food Chains With Some Drama

A nice, simple idea that went down surprisingly well. When teaching about food chains in Science, one student volunteered to be the Sun. Then another student pretended to be grass by lying down and then growing by wriggling their fingers … Continue reading

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Idea 89 for Simple Food Chain Activity

FOOD CHAIN SCRAMBLE Materials needed: Cut-up pictures of animals. Time needed: 30 minutes. An activity I did in my Science class after we’d spent a couple of weeks looking at environments, camouflage and food chains. I printed out and cut … Continue reading

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Idea 88 for Science/Art Lesson on Camouflage

CAMOUFLAGE ANIMALS. Materials needed: Some A4 paper, scissors, glue. Time needed: 1 hour. This was an Art lesson that I integrated with what the class had been studying in Science. We had been learning about how animals adapt to their … Continue reading

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