Idea 198: ‘Golden Ticket’ Behaviour Management

This is something I’m trying out in my class at the minute. If a child does something particularly noteworthy, they earn a golden ticket. They write their name and the date on it, then put it into a tub. On Friday I have a raffle draw of a few golden tickets, and if a pupil has their name drawn they can choose a prize (usually a little notebook or something). I empty tickets out of my tub on Friday and we start fresh each week.

ADVANTAGES: As you only give out a few prizes each week, this won’t cost you much to buy prizes.

Even if a child only gets one golden ticket a week, they know they are still in with a chance. BUT they know the more they get the better their chance is!

This system doesn’t need a lot of continuous management in terms of managing points and who has how many, then crossing off points when children ‘spend’ them and so on.

DISADVANTAGES: It can be a little difficult awarding golden tickets as handing them out can interrupt the flow of a lesson. I am trying to introduce a rule where children write their golden tickets out at the end of the lesson rather than during tasks.

EXTENSION: I extended this system and let pairs or even occasionally teams win a golden ticket between them. If that ticket is drawn at the end of the week then everyone on the ticket gets to choose a prize. I’ve found this to be really useful to encourage pairwork and team work. I have a system of giving 5 prizes a week, and when they are gone that’s it; so some weeks you might draw 5 cards for individuals, other weeks you might draw two cards won by pairs and then an individual card (I hope that makes sense).

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