Idea 211: Class Friendship Chain

Cut out some multi-coloured strips of paper and leave them handy in a basket. Children can take one (perhaps straight after play time?) and write down on the strip a sentence about either someone being nice to them (letting them play etc) or if they were being exceptionally nice to someone else.

I take these strips and fold them into loops, stapling the loops together to form a literal ‘friendship chain’ that we have on display (and growing all the time!) in our classroom. It’s a great visual reminder of being kind, and something that pupils are keen to add to. In the space of one full term it now runs the length of our classroom!

TIP: I often ask my pupils to leave completed strips in the ‘show and tell’ box, and then if I have the time I’ll have a few of the children ‘show’ their friendship chain to other pupils during my Friday afternoon simulatenous show and tells (see idea 206).

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