Idea 229: Lining Up Song

I found that my class was struggling to line up quietly at the end of the lesson and couldn’t figure out a way to improve this.

That’s when I tried out using a ‘lining up’ song. The children all sing the song quietly, which means they aren’t talking to each other and fussing, and instead are focusing on getting in line ready to go.


To the tune of Frère Jacques I have my class sing:

Can you line up? Can you line up?

Quietly, quietly,

Fix your hands and smile, fix your hands and smile,

Just like me, just like me.


I’ll be honest, it was pretty embarrassing me singing this to them for the first time acapella, but after that they’ve really taken to it!

Once the singing has finished I count down from 5 (again, quietly).

If they are all lined up, silent and ready to go at this point, they get a class award.

TIP: If you happen to be getting observed and another teacher sees this singing happening, it’s pretty impressive! It has a feel of the Von Trapp family from ‘The Sound of Music’ to it!

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