Idea 208: Poem a day


I’m trying to find as many ways as possible to slip little ‘extra bits’ of learning into the school day wherever I can, as I’m aware of how powerful it is for children’s long-term retention if I am able to reinforce and embed what what we’ve been studying on a daily/weekly basis.

Recently, I’ve added poetry into my daily routine. When we have finished afternoon register (or sometimes before we take register while children are going to the bathroom / getting settled) I read a poem out to the class and we have a little discussion about it.

The new National Curriculum in the UK is pretty big on poetry, so packing as much of it in as possible sounded like a sensible idea just to get the children familiar with lots of examples.

This activity takes perhaps three minutes of the day, but means that the class are exposed to LOTS of poems of differing styles and lengths. Technically speaking if I do a poem a day this half-term then that’s 35 poems extra they’ll have heard before Christmas. Over the course of a school year you’re looking a them having heard more than a hundred extra poems. This activity is already paying dividends as several of my pupils are voluntarily writing poems every chance they get!

Good website for free poetry:

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