Idea 244: Adverbs with ‘ly’ suffix challenge sheet

I taught a lesson introducing adverbs and began by focussing on adverbs with the ‘ly’ suffix, such as ‘gently’ or ‘slowly’, as this is one of the suffixes children are supposed to be using in Year 2.

My lesson outline was:

-‘Spot the error’ sentences on the board for children to discuss on the way into class. Can they see that the ‘ly’ suffix is missing?

-Discuss that adverbs help to describe how or when something happened. Many adverbs feature the ‘ly’ suffix’ BUT NOT ALL! Give instructions to your class, including adverbs such as ‘I want everyone to stand up quickly! Okay, now line up silently. Can everyone smile beautifully? Point at me angrily.’ etc etc.

-I painstakingly (ha, adverb!) made differentiated worksheets for the children where they read a sentence and inserted an adverb, but I found it was quite a reading-heavy activity that didn’t really help them as much as I hoped.

Instead, I’ve uploaded a single page worksheet which might be useful. The first quick section that everyone does is to circle the adverb in each sentence. This gives the children a chance to see where adverbs sit in a sentence and gives them some examples. After that, the children have a choice of further challenge:

-looking for ‘ly’ adverbs in a reading book and listing them (possibly sharing them with a partner).

-Copying out a full sentence from a book that contains an adverb.

-creating their own sentences using adverbs from the worksheet or using new adverbs that they have found in a reading book.

You can hopefully whizz round in the lesson and look at the first section and see if anyone needs help identifying adverbs and take them to one side for a bit more input.

Download is here:


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