Idea 246: Fun ‘Word Type’ Poetry Activity with FREE Downloadable Worksheet


This is a lesson I did based on a Pie Corbett idea. We’d already introduced nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs to the children but I felt they could use a lesson where they got to practise their knowledge.

In this lesson I began by having pairs choose a word type and write as many different examples as they could on whiteboards. After a few minutes, I took suggestions from the class and made up a silly line for a poem by following a set pattern of:


Example: The calm snake furiously drank the newspaper.

After modelling a few examples as a class, pairs went to their places and took it in turns to fill in one column on their piece of paper (the first column, which is adjectives):


I said it was fine if one partner gave another partner an idea if they were struggling or perhaps helped with spelling, but each partner had to take a turn to write in a word. Once pairs had finished, they folded over their piece of paper so that the next people to write on it couldn’t see what had been written previously.

Quick finishing pairs had a simple ‘sponge’ activity of drawing a robot (related to our topic), which I found worked well in order to give other pairs an extra minute.

Once everyone had finished, pairs moved to a new place and filled in the next column on the sheet. When complete they once more folded over the piece of paper. This continued until everyone’s sheet had been filled in.

Finally, children returned to their own places and unfolded their piece of paper to reveal their silly sentences. As a finishing activity they chose their favourite line of poetry and wrote it (adding in articles and prepositions as needed so that it made sense!) at the bottom of their piece of paper. We shared our favourite sentences as a class and I put them together to make a class poem.

Engaging, fun and a great way to practise some SPaG!

Our finished class poem is here:



A hairy volcano amazingly rode a pen,

A stupid boy slowly ate muscles,

The amazing fairy quickly discovered Mr Plews,

The idiotic bank absolutely wandered to the angel,

The beautiful world sadly kicked the bread,

The small monster happily went to the apple,

The kind door kindly wrote to a beautiful kangaroo,

The fantastic dog slowly knitted milk,

The beautiful bunny ran fast and drank chocolate,

The good sloth firstly whispered into the chocolate,

Amazing Tom amazingly flew to the fox,

Heavy Oscar catastrophically drank the bank,

The good cat slowly moved Mr Plews,

The furry chair went fast into a box,

The pretty tiger bravely ate Paris.


Download the worksheet here.

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