Idea 256: FREE Poem Resource for Teaching SPaG Possessive Apostrophes ‘Wizard’s Spell’



This is a resource I created to help children learn about what can be a bit of a dry point of grammar. The poem features lots of examples of using a singular possessive apostrophe (which is needed for Greater Depth in Year 2!).


Suggestions for using the poem:

-Show the children the poem at the start of the lesson. Do they notice anything being used a lot?

-Can you copy a verse, putting all the possessive apostrophes in the right place?

-Can you underline all the examples of possessive apostrophes in this poem?

-Can you write what you think the rule is for using a possessive apostrophe?

-Can you create your own similar poem with your own examples?

-Can you perform the poem, holding up and dangling an imaginary possessive apostrophe every time you say one in a sentence?


Another bonus of using poetry to teach grammar is that poetry is featured prominently in the new National Curriculum and this approach gives you a chance to discuss terms like verse and lines.



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