Idea 260: FREE Poem Resource for ‘Wr’ Spelling Pattern and Teaching Re-Drafting



This is a poem I put together that can be used for two purposes. Firstly, it shows the re-drafting process and how you can improve your writing by going back and checking things again. Secondly, it features lots of examples of the Year 2 spelling pattern of words starting with ‘wr’, like ‘wrong’ or ‘written’.


Suggested uses for the poem are:

  • Have children read the poem and see what they notice. Why are some words crossed out? What mistakes have been made? Have you ever seen a poem with crossed-out words before? Do you re-draft your writing? Do you notice any spelling pattern used a lot?
  • Can you underline all the examples of the spelling pattern? How many words start with ‘wr’? (wrote, written, wrong, wrecked, wriggled, writing)
  • Can you write any more examples of this spelling pattern that you know which aren’t in the poem?
  • Can you copy a verse from the poem, making sure to spell the focus words correctly each time?
  • Can you write your own poem or silly sentences using the focus words?
  • Can you ‘pyramid write’ the words we are focusing on today?
  • Can you ‘say it silly’ with these words and actually say out loud the ‘w’ at the start of the word just so you remember to write it?

Like poetry? Then consider buying a book of poetry by Michael RosenSteve Turner or Allan Ahlberg to read to your children.

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