Idea 275: FREE Poem Resource for Teaching Suffixes -ness, -ment, -ful, -less, -ly ‘Recipe for a Teacher’



I saw a great idea for writing a recipe-type poem for friendship the other day as a way to evidence the ITAF 2017 statement that the pupil is “adding suffixes to spell some words correctly in their writing e.g. –ment, –ness, –ful, –less, –ly” and I thought it might work equally well with a poem for a teacher.

I’ve included loads of suffixes in here which could be modelled with the children for them to then use in their own poems about whatever topic interests them (recipe for a parent, friend, pet, footballer, Jedi etc etc!).

Like this? Then consider buying a book of poetry by Michael RosenSteve Turner or Allan Ahlberg to read to your children.

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