Idea 277: FREE Poem Resource for Teaching Adding ‘ies’ to words, ‘Dad’s Fries’



This is a very short, very silly poem I wrote that contains examples from the National Curriculum for the Year 2 statutory requirement to teach “Adding –es to nouns and verbs ending in –y”, where the guidance is “The y is changed to i before –es is added.”


Suggested ideas to use it are:

  • Have children read the poem and see what they notice. Can you spot a spelling pattern that is prominent? What do you notice about the spelling words?
  • Can you underline all the examples of the spelling pattern? (fries, worries, tries, flies, replies)
  • Can you write any more examples of this spelling pattern that you know which aren’t in the poem?
  • Can you copy a line from the poem, making sure to spell the focus words correctly each time?
  • Can you write your own poem or silly sentences using the focus words?
  • Can you ‘pyramid write’ the words we are focusing on today?
  • Can you ‘say it silly’ with these words and actually say out loud the ‘i-e-s’ sound just so you remember to write it?

Like this? Then consider buying a book of poetry by Michael RosenSteve Turner or Allan Ahlberg to read to your children.

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