Idea 219: Year 2 Multiplication Problem Solving RallyCoach Lesson


This was a problem-solving lesson I did with my Year 2 after a week on looking at multiplication as repeated addition and drawing arrays. I did this as a rally coach, with each pair having a sheet between them and another sheet with the times tables (1 through to 12) to refer to. I modelled the first example on the board and showed how by using the times table sheet I could prove that all the numbers in the 3 times table aren’t odd.

Next I made it clear that I would be walking around looking for good pairwork and we briefly discussed what that looked like: taking turns, using only one pencil and swapping it over, being polite, helping the other person but not just telling them the answer.

I gave the children 10-15 minutes to see how they got on and I walked round praising good pairwork, which you really have to do a lot of if you expect children to help each other. After 15 minutes I had one partner from each pair stand up and find a different partner and explain to them what answers they’d gotten and how they’d proved it. Partners went back to their original pair and continued on, making any adjustments to their previous answers if necessary for another 15 minutes.

Extension activity for early finishers was to generate their own true or false questions for the class to discuss at the beginning of next lesson.

As a plenary I discussed what the children noticed as to WHY 4×5 is the same as 2×10. Why is that? What has happened?

TIP: Don’t have the pupils stick these sheets in their books straightaway. Take the sheets  away, mark them, then photocopy them with your marking on and finally stick them into books. It saves you having to duplicate your marking.

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