Idea 241: (FREE Resource) Part-Part-Whole Differentiated Quiz-Quiz-Trade Cards


This is a resource I put a bit of time into making but that I use fairly regularly as a 5 minute activity in my Maths class.

Print off the resource and give one page to each pupil. Then ask them to fold their sheet once down the middle. They will end up with 4 differentiated questions on one side and the answers on the back. That’s it! No cutting or fiddling needed.

Children use the cards to play Quiz Quiz Trade, where they mix around and then pair up with another pupil. They choose one question each to answer and then swap cards and find somebody else to pair with. Full explanation of Quiz Quiz Trade here.

There are 4 questions to choose from on each card and they are not always in an obvious order of challenge, so that the children have to take the time to ‘browse’ all the problems they could answer before choosing the one they think is the right level of difficulty for them.

In my opinion this is a lot more engaging for pupils than simply giving a mental maths test, plus children get instant feedback if they got an answer right AND you don’t have a stack of marking afterwards! Or you could use this as a warmer activity to get everyone’s brains into gear before you gave a quiz.

Download PDF Cards here.


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2 Responses to Idea 241: (FREE Resource) Part-Part-Whole Differentiated Quiz-Quiz-Trade Cards

  1. Angela Sutton says:

    I used this game last week with my Year 2s and they loved it. All engaged and the discussion it generated was brilliant. Thanks

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