Idea 254: Adding Three Single-Digit Numbers FREE Differentiated Resources


Included here is a set of resources for teaching adding 3 single-digit numbers (a Year 2 National Curriculum objective).

Input would be based on the children trying a few calculations and offering their top tips: Which two numbers are easiest to add first? Look for number bonds, doubles, times tables etc to help them.

The resources include:

SORTING ACTIVITY: Done in pairs after your initial input, the children have calculations to cut out and group based on how they think they would find the answer quickly. They could discuss with other pairs if their answers were the same or different, or if one calculation was particularly hard to group. Early finishers at this task could also rank their calculations in each group from least to most challenging, before finally having a go at solving them if they have time.

CHALLENGE SHEET: This is pictured above and contains four differentiated sections for children to try. More support could be given for Base Camp section by giving the children actual physical counters to use and count up.

EXTRA CHALLENGE: For children who complete this sheet, there are extra challenge cards requiring them to prove or disprove statements.




MY EXPERIENCES WITH THIS LESSON: I found this lesson flowed really well and the majority of my (admittedly high-achieving) class were able to complete nearly the sheet and move on into tackling the challenge questions. The lesson plan was:

Look at a few questions and elicit that number bonds / doubles / times tables can speed things up. Do the sorting activity in pairs. Come back as a class and discuss how we sorted some of the calculations. Children went away to complete individual task. Plenary with all children at the end looking at the question: Can three single-digit numbers equal more than 100? Always true? False? Sometimes true? Hopefully you can discuss that the highest number possible would be 9+9+9= 27, so you can’t get near 100 with three single-digit numbers.


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  1. joanne tordoff says:

    Fantastic resources, thank you. x

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