Idea 257: FREE Differentiated Fractions Resources With Bar Models


I used these resources in the first week of introducing bar models to my class, at the end of a unit looking at fractions. My input involved looking at bar models and creating ‘stories’ that made sense with them, with me modelling on the board highlighting what section of the bar model I needed to find. The children found these word problems a challenge, but we got there in the end!

Resources included here are:

3 worksheets (differentiated): Starting with smaller amounts and a fully-completed bar model. Moving to more challenging wording with bar models that might need a little adding to them by the children. Further support for lower-achieving children could be done by giving them counters to visualise the amount and sort it into equal groups.

Extension sheet: This sheet includes more challenging fractions problems, linked to the ‘Greater Depth’ objective for Year 2.


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