Idea 261: More FREE Bar Model Differentiated Resources for Two-Digit Calculations



A set of 4 differentiated challenge sheets to help children solve missing number problems using a double-decker bar model to help visualise which number is the ‘whole’ and which are the ‘parts’.

The differentiation is:

Base Camp: Counters are drawn in the bar models as an extra visual, allowing children to count to find the missing number if needed.

Hill Climber: Bar models are completed for the child.

Mountaineer: Bar models need to be completed by the child, with them putting the numbers in the correct position.

Everest: As Mountaineer, with some missing number problems in this format:

? – 23 = 25

You will invariably get children telling you the missing number is 2! The bar model (properly demonstrated to the children) can really help them see that this cannot be the answer, and in fact we are looking for a missing number which must equal the sum of 23 and 25.

Also included in this resource set is a page of word problems and bar models which works well as a paired activity with the children cutting out and matching the problems to the correct bar model. Once completed, they must rank the problems from least to most challenging before finally solving the problems.

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