Idea 267: FREE Reasoning Number Puzzles with Input Slides




I saw this style of number puzzle on the fabulous White Rose Hub website and thought it would make a great lesson to show the Interim Teacher Assessment Framework for Greater Depth for Year 2: “The pupil can reason about addition”.

I’ve attached an input slide which you could use to discuss with a class or group how you solved some example problems and where you could offer tips such as: Read it all carefully first. Decide which information will start you off. Make notes as you go and write in the amounts as you find them. I’d advise lots of partner discussion here!


I’ve also attached a resource set with 24 puzzles for children to try. I’d probably only look for them to complete one or two of the puzzles in the lesson but I’ve put in lots of examples so that they will be more likely to have to complete the task independently (no-one hopefully should have the same problem nearby!). I’ve also included an answer sheet which should make in-lesson checking a lot easier!

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