Idea 180: Quick Plenary Activity for Facts

This is a quick and fun plenary if you have had quite a facts-based lesson. I used this in a Geography class where pupils had researched facts about Brazil in groups and shared these facts with each other. At the end of the lesson, the pupils had put their completed factsheets away.

In secret, I wrote down one fact that had interested me on a piece of paper. I told my pupils they had to ‘guess my fact’. Before they started guessing, I gave them time to discuss with each other the facts from the lesson that they remembered. After their discussion, I began randomly selecting pupils to see if they could ‘guess the fact’. This worked a treat, and I was amazed at the number of facts they were able to recall!

I also intend to use this activity as a warmer at the beginning of the next lesson looking at Brazil.

The child who eventually guessed my fact (with a little guidance from me!) was given a ‘bing’ by the class. This is where all the pupils clap once, then give two thumbs-up to the student while saying ‘bing!’. Don’t ask me why, but they love doing it!

TIP: It’s a bit of a cheat, but perhaps try writing down two or even three facts secretly on your piece of paper in different places. That way you aren’t at risk of the first pupil you call upon guessing your fact immediately and so ending the activity!

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