Idea 235: ‘Line Jumping’ Simple PE Activity


A nice event for Sports Day or as a warmer, requiring no resources.

Mark out a line and have half the class stand on one side of it. They get 30 seconds to see how many times they can jump back and forth over the line (keeping their feet together as they jump).

The other half of the class act as monitors and count out how many jumps their partner has made. After 30 seconds roles are swapped.

Do this for a few minutes and everyone will be warmed up and ready for the lesson!

TIP: If you have an odd number of pupils, make one pupil a ‘little teacher’ and send them along the line to check everyone is doing as they are supposed to and to offer encouragement.

KINDERGARTEN TIP: If you are doing this with children who can’t count very high and who will struggle to keep track of their partner’s jumps, have them do five jumps and count them out loud and then they ‘tag in’ with their partner who does 5 jumps, and so on back and forth for a set amount of time.


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