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Idea 231: Fun Quick Activity to Help Children Work Together.

This is a fun little activity which always ends up with the children in my class having a good time with each other and laughing over mistakes. Very simply, you teach the children a clapping game they can play in … Continue reading

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Idea 195: Using ‘Cheers’ in the Classroom

During the final placement of my teaching course, I introduced the concept of ‘cheers’ during a streamed phonics class that I had first thing in the morning. Essentially, when a pupil made a contribution to the lesson (it was a … Continue reading

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Idea 175: ‘Heads or Tails’ Filler Activity

Have a few minutes left at the end of the day and need to keep your class occupied? Play a quick round of this game. All pupils stand up and decide if they want heads or tails to come up … Continue reading

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