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My Top 10 Ideas for an NQT or RQT in Key Stage One

  Below are 10 ideas that I’ve found have been really effective in my class this year. Every class and every teacher is different, but I hope you might find one or two of these ideas inspire you a bit! … Continue reading

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Idea 86 for Teaching Raising Your Hand In Class

TOO MANY PEOPLE TALKING! Materials needed: No materials Students involved: All class I used this quick activity to demonstrate why I expect my students to raise their hand before they start talking to the class. I asked every student to … Continue reading

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Ideas 73 & 74 for Translation Activities in the TEFL Classroom

English on menus in Taiwan isn’t common in most restaurants. This means that a non-Chinese speaker like myself has to rely on a lot of trial-and-error when ordering, unless that is someone at the restaurant can help me out. This … Continue reading

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Idea 64 for Kindergarten Choral Repetition

FUNNY VOICES. No materials. All students. Activity: Choral repetition (where the whole class says a word after the teacher says it) is really useful in an ESL kindergarten to give all pupils the chance to get used to saying new … Continue reading

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