Idea 77 for Kindergarten Lesson to Promote Sharing

RAINBOW SHARING This is another idea I used in the Emotional Quotient class that I teach. In this class, we try and promote a good attitude in the children in terms of how they interact with each other.

I started this lesson by eliciting the model dialogue we were going to be studying, namely:

A: ‘Can I borrow your marker?’

B: ‘Yes you can’.

A: ‘Thank you’.

B: ‘You’re welcome!’

I wrote this on the board and then did some choral repetition with the class. Next, I invited a confident student up to the front of the class and we acted out the situation. I gave a few other students a chance to practise this too.

After this, we all stood in a circle and I gave a marker to the student next to me. I started off a relay by asking to borrow her marker. At the end of the dialogue I took the marker off her, and the person on the other side of me asked to share it. This went all round the circle until the marker was back in its original position. Each student had now had chance to say both parts of the model dialogue. We repeated this activity one more time, and I also had the group compete against themselves to complete one circuit around the circle as fast as possible.

To finish off the lesson, I gave each student a piece of paper and ONE coloured marker (each student had a different colour). The students have to draw a rainbow; to do this they will have to nicely ask to borrow someone else’s marker so that they could add another stripe to their rainbow.

Unfortunately, I found going straight to having the students trying to share with each other got a little chaotic. To deal with this, I put one box of markers on my desk and had the class line-up to trade markers directly with me. This worked well as I was able to ensure that all the students were asking nicely.

By the end of the class, each student had drawn a picture of a rainbow using a range of colours. Each stripe of colour represented one time when they had to ask nicely for someone to share with them.


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