Idea 80: Hidden Images Picture Search

HIDDEN PICTURES. Printed-out worksheets. All students. Activity:

This is a great activity to have printed-out and tucked away in a folder as a back-up. Each picture has multiple objects hidden inside it, which the students have to find. The pictures are available (for free) to be used for educational purposes at:

I find this is a great way for my students to work on their concentration and perseverance skills.

This could also be used as an EQ (Emotional Quotient) activity to highlight the advantages of working together to solve a problem; with all the students sharing answers they can finish it a lot quicker.

I had some of these sheets printed out for when I was giving tests to my class. Early finishers would hand in their test and occupy themselves in silence with one of these sheets, allowing other pupils to continue their tests in a silent classroom.

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  1. kerril29 says:

    I have so many of these – they are so blummin’ useful!

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