Idea 194: Musical Rhythm Telegram (Music Lesson Idea)

A fun little activity for Music when you want children to repeat a rhythm. To start, children get into a big circle and turn side on so they are facing the back of the person next to them.

One child begins the activity by tapping a repeating rhythm on the back of the child in front of them. That child copies the rhythm being tapped on their back and taps it on the back of the child in front of them, and so on and so on. This  carries on until the pattern is being repeated all the way round the circle and makes it back to the child who started it. At this point the child who started the pattern can say if it has changed or not, or perhaps they can just announce ‘made it!’. It can also be fun to then have the starting child change the pattern they are tapping and see it work its way round the class.

This can be run in smaller groups, as well as being a nice activity for building a positive class environment.

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