Idea 221: Find a New Friend Day

This is a nice way to encourage pupils to make new friends outside of their normal social circle.

I’ve now made Fridays my Find a New Friend Day. We discussed the kinds of things we could say such as ‘Could I play with you?’ or ‘Would you like to play with us?’. Fridays were a good day for me to do this, as after lunchtime we have a little bit of free time where I could encourage children to write up friendship chains (see idea 211) about the new friends they’d made and what they did. They loved doing this and also having something tangible as a result of making a new friend.

I’m making this a weekly activity now as it worked so well, particularly in making sure some of my shy pupils were included in play. Often children actually welcome the chance to make new friends, but just need a nudge to get them to move outside of their comfort zone and speak to someone else at playtimes.

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