Idea 90 for Teaching a Moral Story About Sportsmanship


I came up with this simple story which I told the class; it promotes why sportsmanship is important. I don’t like to hammer home the moral too strongly, in this case it’s best to pre-emptively tell your class this story and then mention the story if you have someone being a ‘poor loser’ or a ‘bad winner’. Elicit as many details as you can for the story, let the kids make it their own.


Once upon a time, there was a prince. His mummy was a queen, and his daddy was king. The prince loved to play games, and every day his friends would come and play games with him.

One day the prince was playing a game with his friends and lost [I play paper-scissors-stone with my students until I lose]. He HATED to lose. He started to cry and shout and roll on the ground, and scream ‘It’s not fair! I want to win! I want to win!’.

He cried so loud that his mummy and daddy heard him. Because they were king and queen, they made his friends play the game again. The king and queen made his friends play the game, but they said the prince always had to win every time.

[At this point I go round the class and play paper-scissors-stone with them. No matter what they do, I win. If they do scissors and I do paper, I say ‘Errr….. This is magic paper, so I win. Ha ha ha!’. Soon all my kids are complaining the game isn’t fair! Tally the results on the board. The prince won every time!].

Day after day this happened. No one could win but the prince. What do you think happened with his friends? That’s right, one day only two of his friends came.

Then, another day only one friend came. Then finally no friends came to see him because they didn’t like to play his game. Everybody else but him was sad and bored playing his game.

The prince was sad, and realized that if you always win, a game isn’t any fun. So, he called all his friends together and they had one more big game final game.

[Go round your class and play paper-scissors-stone. Keep going until someone beats you].

Everybody went very quiet. They all waited for the prince to start crying and shouting. BUT he didn’t! He said ‘That’s okay, it’s only a game! It’s SOOOOO boring if I always have to win. Come on, let’s go play another game’.

[Keep playing paper-scissors-stone and record the results on the board. Emphasise that it doesn’t matter who wins. If I win or the student wins, it’s fair because we had an equal chance to win. This is a GREAT way to bring up the fact that sometimes you can have a winner and a loser but things are still fair.]

The prince didn’t know it, but his mummy the queen and his daddy the king had been watching him. The king said ‘I am very happy with you. You are a good prince who is nice to his friends. One day you will be a very good king’.

The king was so happy that he took the prince and all his friends up to the roof, and he let them play games with his special flying robots all day.


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    Very cute!

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