Idea 171: Poem Based on a Friend

Pupils choose a friend to use as their starting point for their poem. Ask the pupil to think of answers to the following questions:

If your friend was a piece of furniture, what kind would they be?

What kind of instrument would they be?

Ask the same question for transport, time of day, clothing, animal, fruit and veg, and so on. Once the pupils have this information, they merge their ideas together to create a poem. Below is an example I did:

He’s a comfy, wornout chair with an accordion on top,

He’s a baggy hoody, slightly stained, worn by a cheerful bear,

He’s a mini-cab with a talkative driver at three in the morning,

He’s a sweet potato straight out of the oven.

As pupils will be writing poetry about each other, this can be a good activity for reinforcing the Golden Rule: Write the kind of things that you would want people to write about you!

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