Idea 270: FREE Differentiated Word Problem Challenge Sheets



This is a set of three challenge sheets I made to evidence problem-solving skills against the 2017 ITAF for Year 2.

Base Camp aligns with the ITAF 2017 Working Towards statement “The pupil can count in twos, fives and tens from 0 and use counting strategies to solve problems”.

Hill Climber aligns with the ITAF 2017 Working At statement “The pupil can recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication tables to solve simple problems, demonstrating an understanding of commutativity as necessary”.

Mountaineer aligns with the ITAF 2017 Greater Depth statement “The pupil can solve word problems that involve more than one step.”

NOTE: The sheets are purposefully quite quick to complete so that most of the lesson can be spent on paired or whole-class discussion of problems before children go off and have a try on their own.

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