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Idea 189: Talking Pencils (Equalising Participation in Group Discussions)

When groups are discussing a topic, you want to ensure everyone is having the chance to speak without having one student dominate proceedings. This idea is a simple way to try and equalise participation in discussions. I think the Kagan … Continue reading

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Idea 152: Collaborative Elicitation Activity

I needed to do an elicitation activity in Science recently at the start of a new topic. Previously I’d tried just having the children writing down on a blank piece of paper everything they knew about a topic. I found … Continue reading

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Idea 149: ‘Heads Together’ Plenary Activity

This is a Kagan-style activity that I’ve adapted and tried out recently in my classroom. Rather than having students writing the answers to questions at the end of a lesson, I used this speaking activity instead. I have tables of … Continue reading

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