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Idea 216: ‘Number Elimination’. Problem Solving Lesson With Place Value, Activity for All Primary Ages

Sometimes (rarely!) I get a bit of a creative spark for a lesson which actually works out, and that’s exactly what happened here! I made grids of numbers for my children along with a list of instructions for how to … Continue reading

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Idea 163: Multiplication ‘Times Table’ Algebra Challenge

This is something that can really get pupils to reason using their knowledge of their times tables. The pupils are presented with a times table from 1 to 9, BUT all the numbers have been replaced with letters. The pupils … Continue reading

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Idea 154: Quick Christmas Maths Activity

This is a classic activity. Get your class to add up all the gifts that are given in the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ song. Example: On the first day, one gift is given (a partridge in a pair tree). On … Continue reading

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Idea 153: Introducing a New Topic Activity

This was something that I saw used whilst at university, and I immediately knew I’d give it a go with my class. I was introducing the topic of El Salvador to my Year 6 class for Geography. I started by … Continue reading

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Idea 152: Collaborative Elicitation Activity

I needed to do an elicitation activity in Science recently at the start of a new topic. Previously I’d tried just having the children writing down on a blank piece of paper everything they knew about a topic. I found … Continue reading

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Idea 150: Mid-task Stop and Compare

This is such a simple idea I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before! When doing an extended activity that lasts 20 minutes or more, stop the class halfway through the activity. Have them put down their pencils/pens etc, … Continue reading

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Idea 149: ‘Heads Together’ Plenary Activity

This is a Kagan-style activity that I’ve adapted and tried out recently in my classroom. Rather than having students writing the answers to questions at the end of a lesson, I used this speaking activity instead. I have tables of … Continue reading

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